National Bank of Moldova

National Bank of Moldova
Banca Naţională a Moldovei (in Romanian)
GovernorOctavian Armașu
Central bank ofMoldova
CurrencyMoldovan leu
MDL (ISO 4217)

The National Bank of Moldova (Romanian: Banca Naţională a Moldovei) is the central bank of the Republic of Moldova.

The National Bank of Moldova is a legal, public, autonomous person responsible to the Parliament. The main objective of the NBM is the achievement and maintenance of the stability of the national currency. The National Bank cooperates with the Government with the view to achieving its objectives and, according to the Law, undertakes the necessary measures to implement such cooperation. The NBM periodically informs the public about macroeconomic analysis, financial market evolution and statistic data, including on money supply, credit granting, balance of payments and foreign exchange market.


Leonid Tălmaci served as the first Governor of the National Bank (1991–2009). Dorin Drăguțanu has served as the Governor of the National Bank since November 2009.[1] On the 11th of March 2016, Sergiu Cioclea was elected as the new Governor by the country's parliament.

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