National Liberal Party (Moldova)

National Liberal Party

Partidul Național Liberal
PresidentVitalia Pavlicenco
2000 (merged into AMN>)
2006 (refounded on 16 December)
HeadquartersCalea Ieșilor nr. 6, Chișinău
IdeologyNational liberalism
Conservative liberalism
Moldovan–Romanian unionism
Political positionCentre-right
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
ColoursYellow, Blue
0 / 101
District Presidents
0 / 32

The National Liberal Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Liberal, PNL) is a political party in the Republic of Moldova. It was founded in 1993 but temporarily disappeared through political amalgamation in 2000 before being refounded in 2006.

It is not officially recognized by of the National Liberal Party of Romania and therefore does not have the right to share the historical tradition of the prewar party of the same name, which was forcibly dissolved in 1947 in post-war Romania by the Romanian Communist Party after the reannexation of Bessarabia.

Political agenda

The party supports the unification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania and shares copies the identity and ideology of the traditional party in neighbouring Romania. Nonetheless, very much unlike the Romanian PNL (which is dominant on the centre-right as well as Romania's second largest political party), the Moldovan PNL might actually be considered a micro party with respect to Moldovan politics. In addition to support for political union with Romania, as an interim measure, the PNL supports EU and NATO membership for Moldova.

Electoral history

Election Votes % Parliament Position Government
1994 163,513 9.21 (as BȚI)1
11 / 104
3rd Parliamentary opposition
1998 36,344 2.24 (as ADF)2
0 / 101
7th Extra-parliamentary opposition
2001 44,548 2.8
0 / 101
6th Extra-parliamentary opposition
2005 444,377 28.5 (as EBDM)3
34 / 101
2nd Parliamentary opposition
2009 (April) Did not participate Extra-parliamentary election
2009 (July)
2010 10,938 0.64
0 / 101
8th Extra-parliamentary opposition
2014 6,859 0.43
0 / 101
13th Extra-parliamentary opposition
2019 3,375 0.24
0 / 101
11th Extra-parliamentary opposition


1 BȚI stands for Blocul Țăranilor și Intelectualilor[1] which was also composed of the Alliance of Free Peasants (AȚL), the Congress of the Intellectuals (CI), the Democratic Christian League of the Women of Moldova (LDCFM), and the Christian Democratic Party of Moldova (PDCM).[2]
2 ADF stands for Alliance of Democratic Forces which was composed of PNŢM, PLM, and PNL.
3 EBDM stands for the centre-left Electoral Bloc Democratic Moldova, which was composed of Our Moldova Alliance (AMN), into which the Moldovan PNL previously merged in 2000, Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), and Social Liberal Party (PSL). AMN won 23 seats, PDM 8, and PSL 3.

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