National People's Assembly (Guinea-Bissau)

National People's Assembly of Guinea-Bissau

Assembleia Nacional Popular da Guiné-Bissau
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Cipriano Cassamá, PAIGC
since 16 June 2014
First Secretary
Seats102 members
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Political groups
Government (50)
  • Madem G15 (27)
  • PRS (21)
  • APU-PDGB (2)

Opposition (52)

Length of term
4 years
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
10 March 2019
Last election
Meeting place
Assembleia Nacional da Guiné-Bissau.jpg
Palácio Colinas de Boé, Bissau

The unicameral National People's Assembly (Portuguese: Assembleia Nacional Popular) is Guinea-Bissau's legislative body.

The Assembly has a total of 102 seats, with 100 members being elected through a system of party-list proportional representation, and the remaining two seats being reserved for Guinea-Bissau citizens living overseas. Members serve four-year terms.

Previous National People's Assembly election results

Political Party Election Year
1994 1999
African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) 62 24
Party for Social Renewal (PRS) 12 38
Resistance of Guinea-Bissau-Bafatá Movement (RGB-MB) 19 29
Union for Change (UM) 06 03
Front for the Liberation and Independence of Guinea (FLING) 01 -
Democratic Alliance (AD) - 03
Social Democratic Party (PSD) - 03
Democratic Social Front (FDS) - 01
National Union for Democracy and Progress (UNDP) - 01
Total 100 102

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