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National holidays in Slovakia

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Date English translation Local name Remarks
1 January (1993) Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic Deň vzniku Slovenskej republiky Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia
6 January Epiphany (The Three Magi and Christmas Day of Orthodox Christians) Zjavenie Pána (Traja králi a vianočný sviatok pravoslávnych kresťanov)
March, April Good Friday Veľkonočný piatok
March, April Easter Monday Veľkonočný pondelok See also Dyngus Day
1 May (1886) International Workers' Day Sviatok práce
8 May (1945) Day of victory over fascism Deň víťazstva nad fašizmom The end of World War II in Europe; initially celebrated one day later
5 July (863) St. Cyril and Methodius Day Sviatok svätého Cyrila a Metoda Slavic missionaries Cyril (Constantine) and Metod (Methodius) came to Great Moravia (see also Glagolitic alphabet)
29 August (1944) Slovak National Uprising Anniversary Výročie Slovenského národného povstania The Slovaks rose up against Nazi Germany
1 September (1992) Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic Deň Ústavy Slovenskej republiky The constitution of (future) independent Slovakia was adopted in Bratislava
15 September Day of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, patron saint of Slovakia Sviatok Panny Márie Sedembolestnej, patrónky Slovenska The Patron saint of Slovakia is Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
1 November All Saints’ Day Sviatok všetkých svätých Cemeteries are visited on or around this day
17 November (1989/1939) Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day Deň boja za slobodu a demokraciu Commemorating the student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939, and especially the demonstration in 1989 in Bratislava and Prague considered to mark the beginning of the Velvet Revolution.
24 December Christmas Eve Štedrý deň In Slovakia, Christmas presents are opened in the evening on Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day Prvý sviatok vianočný Literally, First Christmas Holiday
26 December St. Stephen's Day Druhý sviatok vianočný Literally, Second Christmas Holiday


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