Negros del Norte

Province of Negros del Norte
Former province of Philippines
CapitalCadiz City
 • Coordinates10°57′N 123°18′E / 10.950°N 123.300°E / 10.950; 123.300Coordinates: 10°57′N 123°18′E / 10.950°N 123.300°E / 10.950; 123.300
• 2010
2,866.33 km2 (1,106.70 sq mi)
• 2010
• January 3, 1986-April 4, 1986
Armando Gustilo
• April 5, 1986-August 18, 1986
Jose Puey, Jr.
• Established
January 3 1986
• Disestablished
August 18 1986
Preceded by Succeeded by
Negros Occidental
Negros Occidental
Today part ofNegros Occidental

Negros del Norte was a province of the Philippines, located within the Western Visayas region. It existed in 1986 and was abolished later the same year. The law establishing the province was nullified by the Supreme Court of the Philippines in August 18, 1986.


Negros del Norte was established under Batas Pambansa Blg. 885 which provided for the creation of the new province comprising the cities of Cadiz (the capital), San Carlos and Silay, and the municipalities of Calatrava, Enrique B. Magalona (Saravia), Escalante, Manapla, Sagay, Salvador Benedicto, Toboso and Victorias. The creation of the new province of was ratified on January 3, 1986.

The creation of this new province was, however, opposed by the Negros Anti-Partition Movement[1] and, on July 11, 1986, the Supreme Court declared the creation of the province of Negros del Norte is unconstitutional. The ruling states the enabling law was unconstitutional for, among other things, not including the rest of Negros Occidental in the plebiscite, and the proposed province not meeting the 3,500 square kilometre land area requirement of the 1983 Local Government Code.

It has been proposed that other municipalities should join the proposed province to fulfill the needed 3,500 square kilometre land area requirement before a plebiscite can take place.[2]

Administrative divisions

Negros del Norte was composed of 8 municipalities and 3 cities:



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