Netherlands Atlantic Association

Since its establishment in 1952, the Netherlands Atlantic Association is a forum for public debate on transatlantic security issues. It provides information and encourages research on topics such as the relationship between Europe and United States, developments in NATO and European security issues. The Netherlands Atlantic Association wants to promote the public debate on these issues.


The Netherlands Atlantic Association has an Executive and a General Board, which the Executive is part of the General Board. The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year and the General Board shall hold a meeting at least three times a year. In the Daily and General Board, all major political parties in the Netherlands and most scientific disciplines are represented. These boards ensure the independence of the Netherlands Atlantic Association.


The Netherlands Atlantic Association is working with government agencies, political institutions, research institutes and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad, and on a ad hoc basis with the business world. This cooperation will contribute to the organization of national and international conferences. Finally, the Netherlands Atlantic Association initiates the development of activities of others in the field of international and national security issues and advises them in the design and implementation of projects in the above field.

Atlantisch Perspectief

Atlantisch Perspectief (Atlantic Perspective) is the magazine of the Netherlands Atlantic Association. In Atlantisch Perspectief, which is issued eight times a year, focuses on developments in the field of international relations and security policy. In addition to articles Atlantisch Perspectief also contains a section, Atlantisch Nieuws (Atlantic News), that provides an overview of the field of transatlantic relations, European security and Dutch foreign and defense policy.

The Netherlands Atlantic Association also provides other publications. Besides Atlantic Perspective there are conference reports, study reports, books and educational publications.

Atlantic Youth

The youth department of the Netherlands Atlantic Association, the Atlantic Youth, focuses specifically on pupils, students and "young professionals". The Atlantic Youth aims to create and engage in joint security issues of the United States and Europe and create awareness among Students and young people. It is a platform for dialogue on the future of NATO, both for young people in the Netherlands and in other NATO and PfP countries. To achieve this the Atlantic Youth organizes various national and international events aimed at a younger generation, which is also working with a large number of partner organizations. The Atlantic Youth therefore is open to proposals for new activities to the extent consistent with the objectives of the organization. The Atlantic Youth is also the official Dutch representative to the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA).

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