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The New Force Social-Political Movement (Romanian: Mişcarea social-politică “Forţa Nouă”, MSPFN) is a minor political party in Moldova led by Valeriu Pleşca.[1]


Registered on 28 May 1997,[1] the party joined the For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova alliance to contest the 1998 elections.[1] The alliance received 18% of the vote, winning 24 of the 101 seats and becoming the third-largest faction in Parliament. The MSPFN held one seat, taken by Pleşca.[2] It formed the Alliance for Democracy and Reforms coalition together with Democratic Convention of Moldova and the Party of Democratic Forces, which was able to form a government led by Ion Ciubuc.

The party contested the 1999 local elections as part of the Centrist Alliance, which won around 20% of the seats.[1] Prior to the 2001 parliamentary elections the party joined the Braghiş Alliance. The Alliance won 19 seats, one of which was taken by the MSPFN's Pleşca.[2]

Following the 2003 local elections, in which the MSPFN received only 162 votes, winning just two seats across the country,[2] the party did not contest any further elections until the 2011 local elections (although Pleşca did run in the 2010 parliamentary elections as an independent),[2] when it was part of the Third Force alliance that won 41 seats and one mayoralty.[2]


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