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Team information
Governing bodyNew South Wales Rugby League
Head coachBrad Fittler
CaptainPaul Gallen
Most caps12 - Sidney Pearce Junior
Top try-scorer11 - Brian Carlson
Top point-scorer91 - Michael Cronin
Team results
First game
City colours.svg City 29–8 Country Country colours.svg
(10 June 1911)
First City vs Country Origin
City colours.svg City Origin 30–22 Country Origin Country colours.svg
(May 16th 1987)
Biggest win
City colours.svg City 55–2 Country Country colours.svg (May 17th 1980)
Biggest defeat
Country colours.svg Country Origin 42–10 City Origin City colours.svg (Jun 8th 2001)

The Sydney Rugby League team, known as the City Rugby League team, or Combined Sydney, or Sydney Firsts, or Sydney Capitals, was a representative rugby league team consisting of players formerly of the New South Wales Rugby League competition, one of two federations in the state of New South Wales. City played annually in the City vs Country Origin competition against the representative team of New South Wales' other federation, Country Rugby League.


The New South Wales City team first competed against New South Wales Country on 10 June 1911 which City won 29-8. The first time the match was made an annual event began in 1928 with NSW Country defeating City 35-34. The first City V Country origin match occurred on May 16, 1987 with City running out winners 30-22.

In 2016, it was announced by the NRL that the City V Country fixture was to be scrapped beyond the 2017 season. The reasons behind the decision were to clubs pulling their players out of the match and others cited player drain as a reason for the fixture to be culled. There was also a sentiment that the fixture had gone from being a genuine audition match for a potential New South Wales origin jersey to being a regular game as most of the New South Wales side had already been picked prior to the match starting.[1]

On May 14, 2017, the final City v Country fixture was played with NSW City defeating Country 20-8.[2][3]

Overall, New South Wales City were much more successful than New South Wales Country winning a total of 68 games in the annual fixture as opposed to Country's 22 wins with City winning each year from 1976 to 1991.


Any players whose junior football was played for a club within the greater area of Sydney city is deemed eligible to play for the City RL. Meanwhile, anyone from outside the Sydney area can be considered for selection for Country RL Team.

2017 final City vs Country Match


City NSW rugby league team
2017 squad Coaching staff

Head coach

  • (c) Captain(s)
  • (vc) Vice captain(s)

Match Details

7 May 2017
4:00pm (AEST)
Country colours.svg Country Origin 10 – 20 City Origin City colours.svg
Anthony Don (36') 1
Adam Elliott (58') 1
Michael Gordon 1/2
[4] Tries:
1 (10') David Gower
1 (49') James Tamou
1 (80') Bryce Cartwright
3/3 Clint Gutherson
(12', 40' pen, 51')
1/1 Paul Gallen
Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium,
Mudgee, New South Wales
Attendance: 8,322
Referee: Ashley Klein, Alan Shortall
Man of the Match: City colours.svg James Tamou

2017 Women's City vs Country Match

The Women's City vs Country Origin is the Women's rugby league version of the game and has been running since 2017.[5][6]


City NSW rugby league team
2017 squad Coaching staff

Head coach

  • Chris Studdon

  • (c) Captain(s)
  • (vc) Vice captain(s)

Match Details

14 May 2017
Country colours.svg Country Origin 8 – 20 City Origin City colours.svg

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