Nexhat Daci

Nexhat Daci
President of the Republic of Kosovo
In office
21 January 2006 – 11 February 2006
Preceded byIbrahim Rugova
Succeeded byFatmir Sejdiu
Chairman of the Assembly
In office
10 December 2001 – 10 March 2006
Succeeded byKolë Berisha
Personal details
Born (1944-06-26) 26 June 1944 (age 76)
Veliki Trnovac, FS Serbia, DF Yugoslavia
Political partyLDK (1989–2006, 2015–present)[1]
Democratic League of Dardania (2007–2015)
Alma materUniversity of Bradford, United Kingdom,
University of Zagreb.

Nexhat Daci[2] (pronounced [neˈdʒat ˈdaːtsi]; born June 26, 1944 in Veliki Trnovac, Bujanovac, Serbia) is a Kosovan politician. He was elected as the speaker of Assembly of Kosovo in 2001 as a member of President Ibrahim Rugova's Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).[3] In 2006, he was ousted from the speakership due to infighting within the LDK[4] He is a member of the Assembly of Kosovo and the leader of the Democratic League of Dardania, which he founded following his unsuccessful bid to become leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo.

Acting President of Kosovo

Nexhat Daci was the acting President of Kosovo from January 21, 2006 following the death of Ibrahim Rugova, to February 11, 2006 when Fatmir Sejdiu was elected president.


Daci speaks English, Serbo-Croatian, German (passive) as well as his native Albanian.

He is an academic and is a member of the Academy of Science and Arts of Kosovo.

Activities and functions held, present and past


  • School Textbooks for primary and secondary school, and University – 10 in total;
  • Scientific projects – 120 in total.

Other activities

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Preceded by
Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo
Succeeded by
Kolë Berisha
Preceded by
Ibrahim Rugova
President of Kosovo (acting)
Succeeded by
Fatmir Sejdiu

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