Neytralny Turkmenistan

Нейтральный Туркменистан
Neýtralnyý Türkmenistan
TypeDaily newspaper
Newspaper of record
Owner(s)Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan (100%) [1]
PublisherPrint center of Turkmenistan
Editor-in-chiefMaýa Alimowa
FoundedNov 1924 (first issue)
HeadquartersHouse of Free Creativity , Garyşsyzlyk şaýoly 100, Ashgabat [2]
Circulation32241 (as of 2020)
Websitemetbugat.gov.tm/newspapers?id=11 (in Russian)
The front page of Turkmenskaya Iskra for May 9, 1986.

Neytralny Turkmenistan (Russian: Нейтральный Туркменистан) is a Russian-language newspaper in Turkmenistan. It was first published on November 7, 1924.[3] During the Soviet period it was called Turkmenskaya Iskra ("The Turkmen Spark"). In 1995 it changed to its current name. That same year Gozel Nuraliyeva became a deputy editor, later rising to the position of editor-in-chief.[4]

The daily newspaper serves as the official government gazette of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, publishing government-related affairs such as official decrees, statements and documents of state bodies, the promulgation of newly approved laws, Presidential decrees, and government announcements. Neytralny Turkmenistan has a circulation of 32241 as of 2020, making it one of the largest Russian language newspapers in Turkmenistan.


In 1959 she was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1975, the circulation was 60 thousand copies.

In 1995 it was renamed to Neytralny Turkmenistan (Neutral Turkmenistan).

Since 2012 published with the application in English.[5] It is published once a week on 8 pages in A3 format.[6]

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