Nicki Pouw-Verweij

Nicki Pouw-Verweij
Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands
Assumed office
31 March 2021
Parliamentary groupJA21
Member of the Senate of the Netherlands
In office
13 November 2019 – 31 March 2021
Parliamentary groupForum for Democracy
In office
11 June 2019 – 24 July 2019
Parliamentary groupForum for Democracy
Member of the Provincial Council of Utrecht
Assumed office
28 March 2019
Parliamentary groupForum for Democracy
Personal details
Nicki Janna Francisca Pouw-Verweij

(1991-05-21) 21 May 1991 (age 29)
IJsselstein, Netherlands
Political partyJA21 (since 2020)
Other political
Forum for Democracy
Independent (2020–present)
ResidenceMaarssen, Netherlands
Alma materVrije Universiteit Amsterdam (BSc)

Nicki Janna Francisca Pouw-Verweij (born 21 May 1991) is a Dutch physician and politician. She is currently an MP for JA21. Previously she was a member of Forum for Democracy (FVD).

Pouw-Verweij has been a provincial councillor of Utrecht since March 2019 and was a Senator from June 2019 until March 2021 (with an interruption due to pregnancy). Since March 2021 she has also been an MP.[1]

As a Senator she left the FVD party on 26 November 2020 and became a member of the Van Pareren group on 30 November 2020, which name was changed into the Nanninga group on 15 February 2021 (both groups are affiliated with the JA21 party).[1] Pouw-Verweij and seven other FVD Senators left the party and formed the Van Pareren group because of controversial statements uttered by FVD leader Thierry Baudet.[2]

Pouw-Verweij studied medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is working on a PhD in rheumatology at the VU University Medical Center.[3]


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