Nicolaas Rubens, Lord of Rameyen

Albert and Nicolaas Rubens, Lord of Rameyen.

Nicolaas Peter Paul Rubens, Lord of Rameyen (1618–1655) was a son of the painter Peter Paul Rubens and Isabella Brant.


Rubens married Constancia Helman (1609-1678) in 1640, who was the daughter of Ferdinand Helman, Schepen of Antwerp and Catherine vander Veken, both of whom are buried in Saint James' Church.

Nicolaas Rubens, Lord of Rameyen

    • 1.0.0/ Albert Maria Rubens, Lord of Rameyen (1642-1672): Schepen of Antwerpen. marr. Catharina Vecquemans.
      • 1.1.0/ Maria Catharina Rubens (1672-1710): married to Alexander IV Goubau, Lord of Mespelaere, (1658-1712): Grand Almoner of Antwerp.
        • 1.1.1./ Georges Alexander Goubau, Lord of Mespelaer (1697-1760) : marr. Maria Bosschaert.
    • 2.0.0/Jan Nicolaas Rubens, Lord of Rameyen (1648-1713):
      marr. Cornelie Constantia Helman, daughter of the Lord of Waesbeeke.
      • 2.1.0/ Cornelia Paulina Philippine Rubens (1677-1738):
        married to Honore Henri, Count of Esbeke, Viscount de Haeghen, lord of Riviere d'Arschot, (1659-1739).
        • 2.1.1/ Nicolas Clement Honore van der Hagen, died 1729.
        • 2.1.2/ Constantia Honorine Theresia van der Hagen, Countess d'Esbeke, marr. Ferdinand philippe de Vischer, Baron of Celles: Lord mayor of Brussels.
    • 3.0.0/ Theresia Constantia Rubens (1691-1764): marr. Eugene vander Dussen, Lord of Bornival and Baron of the Holy Roman Empire (1683-1745). Their branche has become extinct.[1]


He is portraited often as a young child by his illustrious father, in altar pieces and portraits.[2][3] In 1643 he bought the Heerlijkheid of Rameyen (or Ramay) with the fortune he inherited of his father. Rameyen Castle was his main residence in the parish of Gestel [nl], where he died.[4] His secondary residence was Hof van Ursele, heritage of his father who bought it on 29 May 1627.


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