Nicolae Costin

Nicolae Costin
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
March 1990 – 1990
Mayor of Chişinău
In office
1990 – 9 August 1994
Preceded byAnibal Dobjanski
Succeeded bySerafim Urechean
Personal details
Born(1936-04-07)April 7, 1936
Pecişte, Rezina District
DiedFebruary 16, 1995(1995-02-16) (aged 58)
Resting placeChişinău
Political partyPopular Front of Moldova
Alma materMoldova State University

Nicolae Costin (April 7, 1936 in Pecişte, Orhei County, Kingdom of Romania today in Rezina District, Republic of Moldova – February 16, 1995 in Chişinău) was a Moldovan politician and one of the leaders of the national emancipation movement from Moldavian SSR. He was a professor, executive chairman of the Popular Front of Moldova, deputy in the first elected Parliament (1990-1994) of the Republic of Moldova, co-author of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova (August 27, 1991), president of the Municipal Council and Mayor of the municipality Chişinău (1990-1994).


Nicolae Costin was born on April 7, 1936 in Pecişte, Rezina District. After completing the primary school in his native village, he attended the Pedagogical School in the town of Orhei (1952-1956) and later the Faculty of History of the Moldova State University (1960-1965).

He began his professional activity as a teacher at the school in Pecişte commune (1958-1960). After graduating from the Faculty, he worked as a lecturer at the Political Science Department of the Alecu Russo Pedagogical Institute in Bălți (1965-1974). At the same time, he is also pursuing PhD courses in the field of Political Science at the "M.V. Lomonosov" University of Moscow (1970-1973). He then works as a professor at the Moldova State University (1974-1990).

Mayor of Chișinău

In 1990 he was elected President of the Chișinău City Council and deputy in the first democratic parliament (1990-1994) of the Republic of Moldova. During the period 1990-1994 he was mayor of Chișinău, during which he manifested himself as the leader of the Popular Front of Moldova. Nicolae Costin was the co-author the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova (August 27, 1991). He supported the problems of the Romanian language and the return to the Latin script, participating in the elaboration of the law on the state language.

He is considered the first mayor of Chișinău municipality who promoted more reforms in the development of the capital. On his proposal, the streets of Chișinău have received national names (Traian, Stefan cel Mare, Milescu-Spataru, Eminescu, Creangă, Metropolitan Bănulescu-Bodoni, Bucharest, Calea Ieşilor etc.), causing the dissatisfaction of anti-Romanian political organizations, which have demanded, in every electoral campaign, to return to the old Soviet names of the streets of Chișinău.

Nicolae Costin contributed, together with the ministries of the Republic of Moldova, to the opening of the high schools, as follows: Romanian-English "Mircea Eliade", Romanian-Italian "Dante Alighieri", Romanian-French "Gheorghe Asache" and Romanian-German "Mihail Kogălniceanu", libraries, including the "Onisifor Ghibu" Library, at the reopening of the churches, including the Cathedral in the center of Chișinău, at the restoration of the monument of Stephen the Great from Chișinău. The busts of the classics of the Romanian language were installed and uncovered on the Alley of Classics from the "Ștefan cel Mare" Central Park.


A street in Iaşi and another in Chişinău were named after him.

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