Nilüfer Gündoğan

Nilüfer Gündoğan
Nilufer gundoan -1618856456.jpeg
Member of the House of Representatives
Assumed office
31 March 2021
Personal details
Nilüfer Gündoğan

(1977-06-06) 6 June 1977 (age 44)
Nazımiye, Tunceli, Turkey
Political partyVolt Netherlands
Other political
Democrats 66 (starting in 2009)
Bas Vogels
(died 2017)

Nilüfer Gündoğan (born 6 June 1977) is a Turkish-born Dutch politician, who serves as a member of the House of Representatives for Volt Netherlands. She was elected to the House in the 2021 general election, when her party won three seats. Gündoğan had before worked as a consultant and manager, and she had been a member of Democrats 66 (D66).

Early life and career

Gündoğan was born on 6 June 1977 in Nazımiye, Tunceli Province, Turkey into an Alevi family, that belonged to the Zazas.[1][2][3] She has a brother and a sister. Her father had been a teacher in Turkey and had moved to the Netherlands as a guest worker to work in a factory.[3][4] In 1978, when Gündoğan was 18 months old, her family moved to the Netherlands, and she grew up in the Limburg city Weert.[3][5]

She moved to Amsterdam in 1996 to study law but did not start her study due to family issues. She has called her father violent.[6][7] Instead, Gündoğan started working. After a while, she studied political science at Leiden University, but she did not graduate.[7] Gündoğan has worked as a consultant, project manager, and interim manager at several organizations including the municipality of Amsterdam and the consultancy jb Lorenz.[4][8] When she was elected to the House, she also owned her own consultancy called Nilüfer Advies.[9]

Political career

Gündoğan identifies as a social liberal and joined the political party Democrats 66 (D66) in 2009.[10][11] She participated in its development program Route66 for two years and served on the board of Amsterdam's D66 wing between late 2011 and 2013.[11] Gündoğan wanted to become D66's lijsttrekker in Amsterdam-Zuid for the 2014 elections but lost to Sebastiaan Capel.[12]

Volt Netherlands

Over the years, she became disappointed with some aspects of D66 and became a member of Volt, whose Dutch branch was founded in 2018.[2] Gündoğan stands for a liberal democracy and society and has warned against tampering with liberal democratic principles in the Netherlands.[3] She has been vocal in her support for the European Union to tackle cross-border issues, including the migrant crisis, climate change, digital security, and liberal democracy.[10]

Gündoğan was the second candidate of Volt Netherlands in the 2019 European Parliament elections. The party received 1.93% of the vote, not enough to meet the threshold for a seat in the European Parliament.[13] In the 2021 Dutch general election, Gündoğan was again placed second on Volt's party list. She received 41,352 preference votes and her party won three seats.[14] Gündoğan was installed into the House of Representatives on 31 March along with Laurens Dassen and Marieke Koekkoek. She is on the Committees for Defence; for Education, Culture and Science; for Finance; and for Public Expenditure.[1]

Personal life

Gündoğan has been living in Amsterdam since 1996.[1][15] She bore the last name of her husband, Bas Vogels, during their marriage. Less than half a year after the birth of their son, Bas Vogels passed away due to colorectal cancer in March 2017.[16][17] Gündoğan raises her son as a single parent.[5] She is an atheist.[15]


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