Order of Work Glory

Order of Work Glory
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Moldovan Stamp - The Order of Work Glory – first released in 1999 by the Post of Moldova as part of its "Distinctions of the Republic of Moldova" series.[1]
Country Moldova

The Order of Work Glory (Romanian: Ordinul Gloria Muncii) is a Moldovan official order conferred for outstanding achievements in an individual's field of work, esteemed public activity during their career, and great contributions to the development of the Moldovan cultural, scientific, socio-economic, sporting and public spheres. The Order of Work Merit is awarded by the President of Moldova.[2]


The Order of Work Glory was established by statutory law, and passed in the Moldovan Parliament in 1992.[2] According to Article 17(9) of the Law regarding state distinctions of the Republic of Moldova (Law nr. 1123 din 30.07.1992), "the Order of Work Merit is awarded for outstanding work and great success in all fields."[3]


The exact specifications of the physical award can be found in the same law:

[The Order] is made of tombac overlaid with gold, representing a somewhat convex eight-pointed star, composed of four rays representing stylized spikes of wheat and four beams with tapered sides. The center is an embossed, silver plated stylized serrated wheel and in its upper part, the inscription "Gloria Muncii" [The Glory of Labour] is embossed, and on the bottom – the inscription "Moldova." In the center of the wheel, the prominent image of the State Flag – blue, yellow and red stripes – is covered with enamel. At the bottom of the flag, there are two divergent laurel twigs covered with gold, and surrounded by vertical straight lines, covered with silver. The diameter of the Order is 45 mm.

— Law regarding state distinctions of the Republic of Moldova, Monitorul Oficial [3]


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