Orders of magnitude (illuminance)

To help compare different orders of magnitude, the following list describes various source of lux, which is measured in lumens per square metre.

Multiple Value Item
0 0 lux 0 lux Absolute darkness
10−4 100 microlux 100 microlux Starlight overcast moonless night sky[1]
140 microlux Venus at brightest[1]
200 microlux Starlight clear moonless night sky excluding airglow[1]
10−3 1 millilux 2 millilux Starlight clear moonless night sky including airglow[1]
10−2 1 centilux 1 centilux Quarter Moon
10−1 1 decilux 2.5 decilux Full Moon on a clear night[1][2]
100 1 lux < 1 lux Extreme of darkest storm clouds, sunset or sunrise
< 1 lux Moonlight[3]
101 1 decalux 40 lux Fully overcast, sunset or sunrise
102 1 hectolux < 200 lux Extreme of darkest storm clouds, midday
400 lux Sunrise or sunset on a clear day (ambient illumination)
104 10 kilolux 10–25 kilolux Typical overcast day, midday
20 kilolux Shade illuminated by entire clear blue sky, midday
105 100 kilolux 110 kilolux Bright sunlight
120 kilolux Brightest sunlight

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