Palace of the Republic, Chișinău

Palace of the Republic
Palatul Republicii.jpg
The palace in July 2013
General information
Location16 Maria Cebotari Street, Chișinău, Moldova
OwnerGovernment of Moldova
Technical details
Floor count4 floors
Design and construction
  • Ivan Zagoretsky
  • Alexander Shevtsov
  • Mikhail Orlov
  • Stanislav Makarchuk

Palace of the Republic (Romanian: Palatul Republicii) is an official multi-purpose building as well as a concert and theatre hall in Moldova.[1] It is located at the Buiucani sector in the commune of Condrița in Chișinău.[2]


The palace in 1984.

It was initially in established in 1984 as the Friendship Hall and was renamed in 1988 to the Republican Center for Culture and Art. Its creation was timed to the golden jubilee of the establishment of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic. It was considered one of the more major works of Bessebarian architect Ivan Zagoryetskiy (Иван Андреевич Загорецкий).[3] On 29 June 1994, the center was converted into the Palace of State Officials with the aim of providing services to the foreign ministry and government. Today, conferences, meetings, workshops are held at the Palace of the Republic. The national government actively rents out the halls in the palace, with the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova meeting here from 2009 to 2014 while the official government building was being repaired.[4] It was later renamed the folloing year to ora current name. On 23 December 2016, President-elect Igor Dodon was sworn in as President of Moldova inside the Palace of the Republic.[5] The Russian-Moldovan Expo in 2017 took place in the palace.[6] 2018, the 12th annual World Congress of Families took place inside the palace.[7]

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