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Palazzo Corvaja.

Palazzo Corvaja (sometimes spelt Palazzo Corvaia) is a medieval palace in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, dating from the 10th century. It was principally built at the end of the 14th century and is named after one of the oldest and most famous families of Taormina, which owned it from 1538 to 1945.

On four main floors and constructed around a courtyard, the Moorish Gothic palazzo is crenellated. The principal floor has fenestration of pairs of lancet windows divided by columns. The courtyard walls are decorated by reliefs illustrating The Creation.

Today the palazzo is used as an exhibition centre.

The inner courtyard of Corvaja Palace. Its Arabic influence can be seen in the style of the arched windows and doorways


Corvaja Palace, which is located in Piazza Badia at right angles to the church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, was originally built in the 10th century by the Arabs who then ruled Taormina, having conquered the town in 902. The origins of the palazzo incorporate an early Arab fortress dating from the 10th century, which in turn was constructed on Roman foundations. It was subsequently added to over various periods up until the 15th century. Its main body is an Islamic-style tower, and it has an inner courtyard where the Islamic influence can be seen in the arched windows and doorways. A 13th century staircase leads up to the first floor and an ornamental balcony which overlooks the courtyard.

In 1410, Corvaja Palace housed the Sicilian Parliament.[1] It was renovated in 1945 by Armando Dillo, and as of 2009 it is the seat for the Azienda Autonoma Soggiorno e Turismo.

Exterior of Corvaja Palace


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