Pallavicini family

Coa fam ITA pallavicini.jpg
Parent familyObertenghi[1]
Current region Italy
FoundedXI century
FounderAdalbert II Pelavicino
Cadet branches

The Pallavicini, Pallavicino, and in former times named Pelavicino, are an Italian noble family founded by Adalbert II Pelavicino of the Frankish Obertenghi family.[2][3]

Family tree

The Pallavicini of the Genoa

Albergo Pallavicino

The Pallavicini of the Latin Empire

Through Guy and his brother Rubino, a branch of the family rose to prominence in the Latin Empire founded after the Fourth Crusade in 1204.

They governed the Margraviate of Bodonitsa from 1204 to 1358. They grew in riches and, after 1224, became also the most powerful family in the former Kingdom of Thessalonica (northern Greece). The first margraves were of Guy's line until his daughter Isabella died, at which time the line of Rubino inherited the throne. The Pallavicini were related to the De la Roche family then ruling in Athens. After the death of Albert in 1311 the Pallavicini influence slowly declined. The subsequent Zorzi margraves were matrilineal descendants of the last Pallavicini marquise, Guglielma.

Notable members

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