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Motto in English
Learning for Success
EstablishedSeptember 23, 1946 (1946-09-23)
PresidentJack S. Kahn (acting)
1140 West Mission Road
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United States
CampusMultiple sites
ColorsScarlet and silver

Palomar College is a public community college in San Diego County, California. The main campus is in San Marcos and three centers and four education sites are located elsewhere throughout north San Diego County. The largest of these by student population is the education center located in Escondido. In 2018, satellite campuses in Rancho Bernardo and Fallbrook opened. The South Education Center in Rancho Bernardo is located on 27 acres at 11111 Rancho Bernardo Road, and the North Education Center in Fallbrook is located on 81 acres at 35090 Horse Ranch Creek Road. Other education sites are located at Camp Pendleton, the Pauma Indian Reservation, and at Ramona High School.


The new Palomar College library.
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Palomar College offers 250 associate's degrees and certificate programs, and also offers programs for students wishing to transfer to many different four-year universities, including institutions in the University of California and California State University systems. These programs are organized into five academic divisions:

  • Arts, Media, Business Administration
  • Career, Technical and Extended Education
  • Languages and Literature
  • Mathematics and The Natural and Health Sciences
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences


  • IMPACT, lifestyle magazine
  • KKSM, radio
  • PCTV (shares airtime with ITV Cable 16), television
  • The Telescope, college newspaper

Associated Student Government

The Governing Board of the Palomar Community College District has authorized the students of the District to organize a student body association named "Associated Students of the Palomar Community College District".[1] The association is required by law to "encourage students to participate in the governance of the college".[2]

The governing body of the association is named "Associated Student Government" (ASG).[3] The ASG is a student-run organization at Palomar that strives to create a better campus for its students. Members of the ASG serve on campus-wide shared-governance committees and hiring committees, lobby State and Federal representatives on student issues, attend leadership conferences, and are responsible for Comet Week, Springfest, and some campus-wide activities. Members of the ASG have opportunities to attend conferences, special on-campus parking, and serve on campus-wide committees as the "voice of the students."

The Associated Students periodically participates in meetings sponsored by a statewide community college student organization named Student Senate for California Community Colleges. The statewide Student Senate is authorized by law "to advocate before the Legislature and other state and local governmental entities".[4]


Among the largest, most comprehensive and diverse programs in the state, the intercollegiate athletic program at Palomar College consists of a combined 22 men's and women's sports teams, averaging over 450 participating student-athletes per year.

  • Men's and women's
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Soccer
    • Swimming
    • Water polo
    • Cross country
  • Other Sports
    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Golf
    • Wrestling
    • Track and Field

Notable alumni

Notable faculty


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