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Pantelimon Erhan Cabinet was the Cabinet of Moldova (7 / 20 December 1917 - 13 / 26 January 1918).

It was the first cabinet of the Moldavian Democratic Republic. The government fell after the occupation of the Republic by the Romanian troops. Erhan, along with Ion Inculeț, president of the National Assembly, and Gherman Pântea, Director of Armed Forces, were accused by the nationalist Directors of opposing the entry of the Romanian Army, sending the Moldavian National Guard against it, and negotiating with the Bolshevik-dominated council that controlled the capital during early January.

Membership of the Cabinet

On 7 December 1917, Parliament of Moldova (called Sfatul Țării) elected the Cabinet of Moldova (called the Council of Directors General), with nine members, seven Moldavians, one Ukrainian, and one Jew:[1]


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Pantelimon Erhan Cabinet of Moldova
7 December 1917 [O.S. {{{3}}}] 24 November - 30 January [O.S. 17 January] 1918
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