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The General Fono is the parliament of Tokelau. It has 20 members (15 before 2008), representing the 3 atolls. Elections are held every three years.

Tokelau is a de facto non-partisan democracy since both village and Fono elections are made without political parties.[1]

Results of the 2020 election

Position Atafu members Fakaofo members Nukunonu members
Faipule Kelihiano Kalolo Fofo Tuisano Siopili Perez
Pulenuku Faamanuia Tamoa Mose Pelasio Lino Isaia
Taupulega Representatives
(Village Elders)
Sirila Enosa Kaio Isaako Peato Pelenato
Stanley Lopa Tinielu Tu'umuli Alapati Tavite
Teloloma Paulo Pafelio Tumua
Fatupaepae Representatives
(Council of Women)
Latu Lopa Hina Kele Lepeka Amato
Malia Pue
Taulelea/Aumaga Representatives
(Men's Group)
Nofo Iupati Tofiga Teao Havelio Tumua
Aokuso Vavega
Source: Radio New Zealand


  1. ^ "How Tokelau is Governed". tokelau.org.nz. Archived from the original on 24 April 2015. Makes no references to political parties for elections or governance.

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