Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States

The Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC, PUOICM) is composed of the parliaments of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) members states. It was established in Iran on 17 June 1999, with its head office situated in Tehran.

Member states

Arab LeagueParliamentary Union of the OIC Member StatesOrganisation of Islamic CooperationArab Maghreb UnionAgadir AgreementCouncil of Arab Economic UnityGulf Cooperation CouncilWest African Economic and Monetary UnionEconomic Cooperation OrganizationTurkic CouncilLiptako-Gourma AuthorityLiptako-Gourma AuthorityEconomic Cooperation OrganizationAlbaniaMalaysiaAfghanistanLibyaAlgeriaTunisiaMoroccoLebanonEgyptSomaliaAzerbaijanBahrainBangladeshBeninBruneiBurkina FasoCameroonChadComorosDjiboutiGambiaGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaIndonesiaIranIraqIvory CoastJordanKazakhstanKuwaitKyrgyzstanMaldivesMaliMauritaniaMozambiqueNigerNigeriaOmanPakistanQatarSudanPalestineSurinameSyriaTajikistanTogoTurkeyTurkmenistanUgandaUnited Arab EmiratesUzbekistanYemenSierra LeoneGabonSenegalArab Maghreb UnionAgadir AgreementSaudi Arabia
A clickable Euler diagram showing the relationships between various multinational organisations within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (note that Syria is currently suspended from all organizations included in this diagram due to human rights abuses in the ongoing Syrian Civil War).v • de
Member state Year joined
 Afghanistan 2008
 Albania 1999
 Algeria 1999
 Azerbaijan 1999
 Bahrain 1999
 Bangladesh 1999
 Benin 1999
 Burkina Faso 1999
 Cameroon 1999
 Chad 1999
 Comoros 2013
 Côte d'Ivoire 1999
 Djibouti 1999
 Egypt 1999
 Gabon 1999
 Gambia 2009
 Guinea 1999
 Guinea-Bissau 1999
 Guyana 1999
 Indonesia 1999
 Iran 1999
 Iraq 1999
 Jordan 1999
 Kazakhstan 1999
 Kuwait 1999
 Kyrgyzstan 1999
 Lebanon 1999
 Libya 1999
 Malaysia 1999
 Maldives 2012
 Mali 1999
 Mauritania 1999
 Morocco 1999
 Mozambique 1999
 Niger 1999
 Nigeria 2015
 Oman 1999
 Pakistan 1999
 Palestine 1999
 Qatar 1999
 Saudi Arabia 1999
 Senegal 1999
 Sierra Leone 1999
 Somalia 2007
 Sudan 1999
 Syria 1999
 Tajikistan 2006
 Togo 1999
 Tunisia 1999
 Turkey 1999
 Turkmenistan 1999
 Uganda 1999
 United Arab Emirates 1999
 Yemen 1999

Non-participating states

Non-participating state


Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
Arab Parliamentary Union] Arab IPU
African Parliamentary Union
Asian Parliamentary Assembly
The Consultative Council of the Maghreb Arab Union
The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
League of Arab States
African Union
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
 Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot State)
The Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth for the Independent States(IPA CIS)
Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean(PAM)
Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF – DC)
Research Center For Islamic History, Art And Culture (IRCICA)
Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)
Parliamentary Assembly of The Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries (TURKPA)
The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)
Parliamentary Assembly Union of Belarus And Russia
Arab Parliament

Secretary General

The first Secretary General was Egyptian diplomat Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Auf, who served for two term from 1 March 2000 to 30 April 2008.On 1 May 2008, Prof.Dr. Mahmud Erol KILIC from Turkey was appointed as the second Secretary General, who served two terms starting from 1 May 2008 to 31 July 2018. Mr. Cheikh Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass from Senegal is the Secretary General of the PUIC from 1 August, 20018. He was elected by the 13th PUIC Conference held In Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

PUIC Standing Specialized Committees:

  • Committee on Political and Foreign Relations;
  • Committee on Economic Affairs and Environment;
  • Committee on Human Rights, Women and Family Affairs;
  • Committee on Cultural and Legal Affairs and Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions.


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