Paul Demel

Demel in the BBC's Television is Here Again (1946)

Paul Demel (4 May 1903–31 August 1951) was an actor born in Brno, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.[1][2] He is most notable for his cameo appearances in films, particularly the British Ealing comedies Hue and Cry (1947), Passport to Pimlico (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) and His Excellency (1952).[3][4] His other film appearances include English Without Tears (1944) for Two Cities Films.[5] His stage work included West End roles in The Doctor's Dilemma at the Haymarket with Vivien Leigh in 1942, and Madame Louise at the Garrick in 1945.[6] He died in Munich.


Year Title Role Notes
1934 Zlatá Katerina
1934 Pokusení paní Antonie
1934 Matka Krácmerka Karel Demel
1944 It Happened One Sunday Cassio
1944 English Without Tears M. Saladoff
1945 The Man from Morocco August
1946 Late at Night The Spider
1947 Hue and Cry Jago
1948 It Happened in Soho Angelo the Cafe Proprietor
1949 Passport to Pimlico Central European
1950 State Secret Barber
1950 The Miniver Story José Antonio Campos Uncredited
1951 The Lavender Hill Mob Customs Official
1951 Wildwest in Oberbayern Regisseur Ruck-Zuck-Film
1952 Hanna Amon Uncredited
1952 His Excellency The Chef (final film role)


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