Paul Kronacker

Paul Kronacker
President of the Chamber of Representatives
In office
11 November 1958 – 27 April 1961
Preceded byCamille Huysmans
Succeeded byAchille Van Acker
Personal details
Born(1897-11-05)5 November 1897
Antwerp, Belgium
Died3 February 1994(1994-02-03) (aged 96)
Kapellen, Belgium
Political partyLiberal Party
Alma materFree University of Brussels

Baron Paul Georges Marie Kronacker (5 November 1897 – 3 February 1994) was a Belgian chemist and liberal politician for the Liberal Party.


He graduated as a chemist at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium).


After his graduation, he started his career in the sugar industry. During World War II he was military attaché of the Belgian government in London and he led, for the same government, many missions to the United States and Canada with regard to the provision of Belgium. Kronacker was a member of the Belgian parliament from 1939 up to 1968, firstly in the Belgian senate (1939–1946), subsequently in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (1946–1968). From 1958 up to 1961 he was President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. During his parliamentary career he showed a big interest for economic questions and foreign policy. He was minister without portfolio in the governments Pierlot (27 September 1944 – 7 February 1945) and Van Acker I (12 February 1945 – 2 August 1945) and minister of provision in the governments Van Acker II (2 August 1945 – 9 January 1946), Van Acker III (13 March 1946 – 10 July 1946) and Huysmans (3 August 1946 – 12 March 1947). In 1963, he was appointed as Minister of State.


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  • Paul Kronacker
Political offices
Preceded by
Camille Huysmans
President of the Chamber of Representatives
Succeeded by
Achille Van Acker

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