People's Assembly of Abkhazia

People's Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia
Аԥсны жәлар реизара
აფხაზეთის რესპუბლიკის სახალხო კრება
Народное Собрание Республики Абхазия
Valery Kvarchia
since 12 April 2017
Vice Speakers
Said Kharazia
since 12 April 2017
Levon Galustyan
since 12 April 2017
Mikhail Sangulia
since 12 April 2017
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Political groups
Independents (26)

FNUA (6)

United Abkhazia (3)
Meeting place

The People's Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia (Abkhazian: Аԥсны жәлар реизара, Georgian: აფხაზეთის რესპუბლიკის სახალხო კრება, Russian: Народное Собрание Республики Абхазия) is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Abkhazia.


The People's Assembly has 35 members, elected for five-year terms in single-seat constituencies. On 30 July 2015, Parliament failed to support a constitutional amendment increasing the number of members to 45 and introducing a mixed electoral system. The proposal was supported by 19 Deputies, four short of the required two-thirds majority. (Five deputies voted against, 4 abstained.)[1]


Valery Kvarchia is the current speaker of parliament. He was elected on 12 April 2017, succeeding Valery Bganba.[2] There are currently three Vice-Speakers: Said Kharazia, Levon Galustyan, and Mikhail Sangulia.[3]


The People's Assembly currently contains the following eight committees:

  1. Legal Policy, State Building and Human Rights
  2. Budget, Credit Institutions, Tax and Finance
  3. Economic Policy, Reform and Innovation
  4. Defence and National Security
  5. Social Policy, Labour and Health
  6. Education, Science, Culture, Religion, Youth and Sport
  7. International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Relations with Compatriots
  8. Agrarian Policy, Natural Resources and Ecology

The number of committees had been eleven during the 4th convocation (from 2007 until 2012).[4]

List of current Members

# Constituency Name Affiliation Position Notes
1 Sukhumi Givi Kvarchia Vice Speaker
2 Sukhumi Almas Japua
3 Sukhumi Valery Agrba
4 Sukhumi Batal Ayba
5 Sukhumi Lasha Ashuba
6 Sukhumi Raul Lolua
7 Sukhumi Alkhas Jinjolia
8 Pitsunda Akhra Abukhba
9 Bzyb Beslan Smyr
10 Gagra Yury Khagush
11 Gagra Astamur Arshba
12 Tsandripsh Aleksandr Tsishba
13 Otkhura Levon Dashan
14 Duripsh Dmitry Dbar
15 Lykhny Dmitry Ardzinba
16 Gudauta Mikhail Sangulia Vice Speaker
17 Aatsin Leonid Chamagua
18 New Athos Aleksandr Ankvab
19 Eshera Dmitry Gunba
20 Gumista Natali Smyr
21 Besleti Almaskhan Ardzinba
22 Pshap Levon Galustyan Vice Speaker
23 Machara Valery Kvarchia Speaker
24 Dranda Ashot Minosyan
25 Beslakhuba Said Kharazia Vice Speaker
26 Chlou Ilya Gunia
27 Kutol Venori Bebia
28 Atara Astamur Logua
29 Ochamchira Astamur Tarba
30 Tkvarcheli Batal Tabagua
31 Tkvarcheli Aslan Bzhania
32 Uakum Inal Tarba
33 Chuburkhinji Tayfun Ardzinba
34 Gali Omar Jinjolia
35 Shashikvar Kakha Pertaia

2017 parliamentary elections


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