Percy Avery Rockefeller

Percy Avery Rockefeller
Percy A. Rockefeller cph.3b33666.jpg
Percy Rockefeller in 1932
Born(1878-02-27)February 27, 1878
DiedSeptember 25, 1934(1934-09-25) (aged 56)
EducationYale University (1900)
Isabel Goodrich Stillman
(m. 1901)
ChildrenIsabel Stillman Rockefeller
Avery Rockefeller
Winifred Rockefeller
Faith Rockefeller
Gladys Rockefeller
Parent(s)William Avery Rockefeller Jr.
Almira Geraldine Goodsell

Percy Avery Rockefeller (February 27, 1878 — September 25, 1934)[1] was a board director who founded and was vice president of Owenoke Corporation.

Early life

Percy was the youngest son of William Avery Rockefeller Jr. and Almira Geraldine Goodsell.[2] He attended Yale University from 1897 to 1900,[2] where he was a member of Skull and Bones.[1] Rockefeller was manager of the 1899 Yale Bulldogs football team and earned a varsity letter for his efforts.[3]

Board memberships

He was a board director of Air Reduction Company, American International Corporation, Atlantic Fruit Company, Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Bowman Biltmore Hotels Company, Cuba Company, Chile Copper Company, Consolidated Gas Company, Greenwich Trust Company, W. A. Harriman & Co. & Brown Brothers Harriman & Company, Mesabi Iron Company, National City Bank of New York, National City Company, New York Edison Company, North American Reassurance Company, National Surety Company, Provident Loan Society, Remington Arms, United Electric Light & Power Company, and Western Union.

Personal life

On April 23, 1901, Percy married Isabel Goodrich Stillman (died 1935).[4] She was the younger daughter of First National City Bank president James Jewett Stillman (now known as Citibank) and Sarah Elizabeth Rumrill.[5] Together, they had:

  1. Isabel Stillman Rockefeller (1902–1980). She was a bride's maid at the wedding of Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895—1972) and Dorothy Wear Walker (1901–1992).
  2. Avery Rockefeller (1903–1986)
  3. Winifred Rockefeller (1904–1951) [6]
  4. Faith Rockefeller (1909–1960)
  5. Gladys Rockefeller (1910–1988)

He died on September 25, 1934.[2]


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