Petru I of Moldavia

Petru I
Petru I Musat.jpg
Petru I in the imagination of a 19th-century artist
Prince of Moldavia
PredecessorBogdan I of Moldavia
SuccessorLațcu of Moldavia
FatherŞtefan son of Bogdan I

Petru I may have been a Voivode (prince) of Moldavia from the end of 1367 to after July 1368. Several historians, including Constantin Rezachevici and Ioan Aurel Pop, believe him to have been the son of prince Ştefan, oldest son of voivode Bogdan I of Moldavia,[1][2][3][4] while others, including historian Juliusz Demel, considered him to be the son of Costea of Moldavia with a daughter of Bogdan I.[5] In the second hypothesis, there was no such voivode of Moldavia in 1367-1368, the first using the regnal name Petru being Petru II of Moldavia.


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Voivode of Moldavia
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