Petru Pascari

Petru Pascari
Leonid Ilich Brezhnev, Ivan Ivanovich Bodiu and Petru Pascaru (the chairman of the council of ministers of the Soviet Moldova). Kishinev, 1976. (5418112796).jpg
Prime Minister of the Moldavian SSR
In office
10 January 1990 – 26 May 1990
Preceded byIvan Calin
Succeeded byMircea Druc
In office
24 April 1970 – 1 August 1976
Preceded byAlexandru Diordiță
Succeeded bySemion Grossu
Personal details
Born (1929-09-22) 22 September 1929 (age 90)
Stroenți, Moldovan ASSR, Ukrainian SSR, USSR (now Transnistria)
Political partyCommunist Party of Moldova1
1. Ivan Bodiul and Petru Lucinschi were first secretaries of the Communist Party of Moldova at that time.

Petru Pascari (Russian: Пётр Андреевич Паскарь, romanizedPyotr Andreyevich Paskar; born 22 September 1929 in Stroenți) was a Moldavian SSR politician.


Petru Pascari was born in the small village of Stroenți (Stroiești) in the north of Transnistria, in Rîbnița District.

Petru Pascari was the prime minister of Moldavian SSR: 24 April 1970 – 1 August 1976 (1st time) and 10 January – 26 May 1990 (2nd time).

Political offices
Preceded by
Ivan Calin
Prime Minister of Moldova
10 January 1990 – 26 May 1990
Succeeded by
Mircea Druc
Preceded by
Alexandru Diordiță
Prime Minister of Moldova
24 August 1970 – 1 August 1976
Succeeded by
Semion Grossu

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