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Commune and town
Friguia park
Friguia park
Bouficha is located in Tunisia
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 36°18′00″N 10°27′18″E / 36.30000°N 10.45500°E / 36.30000; 10.45500Coordinates: 36°18′00″N 10°27′18″E / 36.30000°N 10.45500°E / 36.30000; 10.45500
Country Tunisia
GovernorateSousse Governorate
 • Metro9,959
Time zoneUTC1 (CET)

Bouficha (بوفيشة) or Bou Ficha is a Tunisian town situated about sixty kilometers south of Tunis, between Enfidha and Hammamet and close to the Gulf of Hammamet.

Administratively attached to the Sousse Governorate, it has a population of 8,701.[1]

It is an important industrial center particularly in the textile sector. Near the town is the archaeological site of Pheradi Majus and a zoo, Friguia Park, on thirty hectares.

In July, a festival is held in polycultural Bouficha.

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