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A portrait of Philip Rubens engraved by Cornelis Galle the Elder

Philip Rubens (1574–1611), the elder brother of Peter Paul Rubens, was a scholar and administrator.


Philip was born 27 April 1574 in the city of Siegen to Jan Rubens and Maria Pypelincks. When he was very young the family moved to Cologne, and while he was still a child his widowed mother moved the family to Antwerp. Philip studied at Leuven University under Justus Lipsius, becoming one of the professor's favourite students.[1] He served as secretary to Jean Richardot and as tutor to his children. In 1601 he travelled to Italy, obtaining the degree doctor of both laws in Rome. He returned to the Low Countries in 1604, and was offered a position at the university, but chose to travel to Italy again, where he was also offered a position at the University of Bologna. Turning his back on an academic career, he became librarian and secretary to Cardinal Ascanio Colonna.[2]

Philip again returned to Antwerp in November 1606. In January 1609 he was appointed secretary to the city of Antwerp. The following March, he married Marie de Moy, whose father Hendrik de Moy had also been secretary to the city,[3] and whose sister, Claire, was the step-mother of Isabella Brant, Peter Paul Rubens's first wife. Philip and Marie had two children: Clara II Rubens (1610) and Philip II Rubens (1611).

The Four Philosophers (Philip Rubens 2nd from left)

His brother painted a group portrait of Philip, himself, Justus Lipsius, and Joannes Woverius, The Four Philosophers.

Philip died on 28 August 1611, one year after his father-in-law Hendrik de Moy. He was buried in St. Michael's Abbey, Antwerp. A memorial volume was issued containing the posthumous publication of his edition of the homilies of Asterius of Amasea, together with a short biography of Philip, a selection of Latin poems that he had written, and Latin poems written in his memory by his friends.


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