Phupha language

Native toChina
Native speakers
14,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
yph – Phupha
aub – Alugu
ypp – Phupa
ypz – Phuza

Phupha, or Downriver Phula, is a dialect cluster of Loloish languages spoken by the Phula people of China. There are four principal varieties, which may be considered distinct languages:

  • Phupha, Alugu (Alugu Phupha)
  • Phupa, Phuza.

Usage is decreasing apart from Alugu, which is taught in primary schools.

The representative Phuza dialect studied in Pelkey (2011) is that of Bujibai 补鸡白, Lengquan Township 冷泉镇, Mengzi County.


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