Pierre Paulus

Pierre Paulus

de Châtelet
Pierre Paulus.jpg
Portrait bust (1930) by Alphonse Darville
Born(1881-03-16)March 16, 1881
DiedAugust 17, 1959(1959-08-17) (aged 78)
Brussels, Belgium
Notable work
Flag of Wallonia

Pierre Paulus (1881—1959), later Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet, was a Belgian expressionist painter. He is best-known as the designer of the "bold rooster" (French: coq hardi) adopted on 3 July 1913 as the symbol of the Walloon Movement and today the flag of Wallonia.[1]

Paulus gained notability during the Walloon Art Exposition of Charleroi in 1911 and, in the interwar period, he held several exhibitions in Europe and in the United States.


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