Pingtang Miao

Pingtang Miao
Native toChina
Native speakers
(24,000 cited 1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
ping Pingtang
 dush Dushan
 lupi Luodian–Pingyan
 wanl Wangmo–Luodian

Pingtang Miao, named after Pingtang County (平塘 píngtáng) in which it is spoken, is a group of Miao language varieties of China.


The four varieties of Pingtang were listed as unclassified branches of Chuanqiandian Miao (Western Hmongic) in Wang (1983).[2] Li (2000) classified them together as one of eight branches of Western Hmongic,[3] a position maintained in Wu and Yang (2010).[4]


There are four varieties of Pingtang according to Li (2000):

  • North (Strecker's Pingtang Miao), 11,000 speakers
  • East (Strecker's Dushan Miao), 4,000
  • South (Strecker's Luodian–Pingyan Miao), 6,000
  • West (Strecker's Wangmo–Luodian Miao AKA Mhang), 3,000

These are at approximately the distance of the varieties of the other branches of West Hmongic, which Ethnologue assigned separate ISO codes.


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