Piotr Morawski

Piotr Morawski (December 27, 1976 – April 8, 2009) was a Polish mountaineer. He was best known for making the first successful winter ascent together with Simone Moro of Shishapangma on January 14, 2005. Morawski died aged 32 during an international Dhaulagiri/Manaslu expedition in Nepal. He fell into a crevasse at an elevation of 5500 m while acclimatizing.

Major expeditions

Date Peak Season Partner(s) Result
2002/2003 K2 Winter Unsuccessful
2003/2004 Shishapangma Winter Unsuccessful
January 14, 2005 Shishapangma Winter Simone Moro First winter ascent
May 8, 2005 Annapurna Summer Piotr Pustelnik Unsuccessful
April 24, 2006 Cho Oyu Summer Peter Hamor Successful
July 9, 2006 Broad Peak Summer Piotr Pustelnik Successful
July 15, 2007 Nanga Parbat Summer Peter Hamor, Dodo Kopold Successful
April 28, 2008 Annapurna Summer Peter Hamor Unsuccessful
June 24, 2008 Gasherbrum I Summer Peter Hamor Successful
July 6, 2008 Gasherbrum II Summer Peter Hamor Successful


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