Piotr Pustelnik

Piotr Pustelnik (2011)
Piotr Pustelnik (2006)

Piotr Pustelnik (born July 12, 1951 in Łódź, Poland) is a Polish alpine and high-altitude climber. He is the 20th man to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders.

Major ascents

Date Mountain Notes
July 19, 1990 Gasherbrum II
July 12, 1992 Nanga Parbat
September 24, 1993 Cho Oyu
October 6, 1993 Shishapangma
September 26, 1994 Dhaulagiri
May 12, 1995 Mount Everest ascent with oxygen
July 14, 1996 K2 ascent with oxygen
July 15, 1997 Gasherbrum I
May 15, 2000 Lhotse ascent with oxygen
May 15, 2001 Kangchenjunga ascent with oxygen
May 16, 2002 Makalu ascent with oxygen
May 17, 2003 Manaslu oxygen used during sleep
July 8, 2006 Broad Peak
April 27, 2010 Annapurna ascent with oxygen

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