Polvision is a Polish-language television station broadcasting in Chicago. Established in 1989, it is targeted towards the Chicago Polonia. Polvision was founded in 1989 by Walter Kotaba, who is still the owner.

Polvision broadcasts 24 hours a day from the tallest residential building in the Chicago, Trump Tower. The program is distributed via terrestrial transmitters in Chicago on the 24.4 digital channel as well as in the Comcast cable network on channel 397. In March 2008, Polvision, as one of the first ethnic television stations, abandoned analogue terrestrial broadcasting for digital broadcasting. Since then, TV Polvision has ceased to broadcast its signal on channel 26.3 analogically and started broadcasting its program on channel 26.6 and 24.4 only. The terrestrial range of the station includes part of the city of Chicago and the closest suburbs. Its first editor-in-chief was Maciej Wierzyński, later editor-in-chief of New York's Nowy Dziennik. The founder and owner of Polvision is the Polish businessman and millionaire Walter Kotaba, who is also the owner of the Polish Radio network in the USA and the president of the European Culture Foundation.

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