President of Abkhazia

President of the Republic of Abkhazia
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Aslan Bzhania

since 23 April 2020
Term length5 years
Renewable once
Formation26 November 1994
First holderVladislav Ardzinba
DeputyVice President of Abkhazia

The position of president of Abkhazia was created in 1994. Before the office of president was created the head of state position was known as the chairman of Parliament between 1992 and the creation of the 1994 constitution. Before the position of Chairman of Parliament, the highest office in Abkhazia was the chairman of the Supreme Soviet. The post would last from the declaration of sovereignty from the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic on 25 August 1990 until the outright declaration of independence on 23 July 1992.

Oath of office

During Alexander Ankvab's presidency, Parliament decided to scrap from the Presidential oath the phrase:

Жәлар рылахь соуааит иҧшьоу абри ахақәкы сацәхьаҵны саныҟала
If I deviate from this path, then let me be punished by my people

During a meeting on 16 July 2014, following the Abkhazian Revolution, Parliament decided to restore this phrase. According to Vice Speaker Emma Gamisonia, the decision to remove the phrase had been taken because it was perceived as a curse, following the premature death of Abkhazia's first two presidents, Vladislav Ardzinba and Sergei Bagapsh. MP Daur Arshba claimed that the decision had been taken illegally, without the necessary quorum.[1]

On 18 August, the People's Assembly of Abkhazia additionally adopted a bill authored by Said Kharazia, and first proposed by him during the meeting on 16 July, adding the invocation[1][2]

Иа Анцәа Ду, суҳәоит Сыԥсадгьыли сыуаажәлари рымаҵ аураҿы амчи алшареи суҭарц!
Almighty God, give me strength to serve country and people!

Non-presidential heads of state

No. Name
Position Tenure Political Affiliation
Took Office Left Office
1 Valerian Kobakhia
Chairman of the Supreme Soviet 25 August 1990 24 December 1990 Communist Party of Abkhazia
2 Vladislav Ardzinba
Chairman of the Supreme Soviet 24 December 1990 23 July 1992 Communist Party of Abkhazia
(2) Chairman of Parliament 23 July 1992 26 November 1994 Independent

List of presidents of Abkhazia

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party Election Vice President(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
Vladislav Ardzinba
Vladislav Ardzinba
26 November 199412 February 200510 years, 78 daysIndependent1994
Valery Arshba
Sergei Bagapsh
Sergei Bagapsh
12 February 200529 May 2011 †6 years, 106 daysUnited Abkhazia2005
Raul Khajimba
(2005 – 2009)
Alexander Ankvab
(2009 – 2011)
Alexander Ankvab
Alexander Ankvab
(born 1952)
29 May 201126 September 2011120 daysAitaira
Alexander Ankvab
Alexander Ankvab
(born 1952)
26 September 20111 June 2014
2 years, 248 daysAitaira2011Mikhail Logua
(2011 – 2013)
Valeri Bganba
Valeri Bganba
(born 1953)
1 June 201425 September 2014116 daysIndependent
Raul Khajimba
Raul Khajimba
(born 1958)
25 September 201412 January 2020
5 years, 109 daysFNUA2014
Vitali Gabnia
(2014 – 2018)
Aslan Bartsits
(2019 – 2020)
Valeri Bganba
Valeri Bganba
(born 1953)
13 January 202023 April 2020101 daysIndependent
Aslan Bzhania
Aslan Bzhania
(born 1963)
23 April 2020344 daysIndependent2020Badr Gunba
(since 2020)

Latest elections

Candidate Votes %
Aslan Bzhania 53,741 58.92
Adgur Ardzinba 33,686 36.93
Leonid Dzapshba 2,114 2.32
None of the above 1,666 1.83
Invalid/blank votes 3,092
Total 94,299 100
Registered voters/turnout 132,916 70.95
Source: Apsnypress

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