President of Cameroon

President of the
Republic of Cameroon
Président de la
République du Cameroun
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Paul Biya

since 6 November 1982
ResidenceYaoundé, Cameroon
Term length7 years, renewable
Inaugural holderAhmadou Ahidjo
Formation5 May 1960
Salary620,976 USD (estimated) annually[1]
WebsiteOfficial Website

The President of Cameroon is the absolute head of state and de facto head of government of Cameroon and is the commander in chief of the Cameroon Armed Forces. The authority of the State is exercised both by the President and by the Parliament. The current president is Paul Biya, who has held office since 1982, making him one of the longest serving African presidents. Under Biya's regime, he has appointed and dismissed cabinet members, detained Cameroonian citizens for speaking out against his leadership and extravagant lifestyle. [2]


The office of President of Cameroon was established in 1960, following the country's independence from France. The office was held by Ahmadou Ahidjo from 5 May 1960 to 6 November 1982 and then by Paul Biya since 6 November 1982.

List of presidents of Cameroon, 1960–present

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