President of Slovenia

President of the Republic of Slovenia
Predsednik Republike Slovenije
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Borut Pahor 2010.jpg
Borut Pahor

since 22 December 2012
Office of the President of the Republic
StyleMr. President
Slovene: Gospod predsednik
His Excellency
Slovene: Njegova ekscelenca (in international correspondence and abroad only)
TypeHead of state
Member ofNational Security Council (upon invitation of the Prime Minister)
Reports toPeople of Slovenia
also: National Assembly
SeatPresidential Palace, Ljubljana
NominatorPolitical party with signatures of 3 MPs or 3000 voters or
5000 voters
AppointerPopular vote
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
Constituting instrumentConstitution
PrecursorPresident of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia and Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia (as collective organ)
Inaugural holderMilan Kučan, as President of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia until 23 December 1991, then as President of the Republic
FormationMay 10, 1990 (de facto, following first democratic elections)
December 23, 1991 (de jure, under current Constitution)
Successionby Speaker of the National Assembly
Unofficial namesPredsednik države
Deputyde jure None
de facto Speaker of the National Assembly
Salary 69,903 annually[1]
WebsiteOfficial website

The office of President of Slovenia, officially President of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene: Predsednik Republike Slovenije), was established on 23 December 1991 when the National Assembly passed a new Constitution as a result of independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

According to the Constitution, the president is the highest representative of the state. In practice, the position is mostly ceremonial. Among other things, the president is also the commander-in-chief of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The office of the president is the Presidential Palace in Ljubljana.

The president is directly elected by universal adult suffrage for a term of five years. Any Slovenian citizen can run for President, but can hold only two consecutive terms in office.

The president has no legally guaranteed immunity and may be impeached.

List of presidents of Slovenia

Socialist Republic of Slovenia

Parties;  KPS / ZKS  OF  SDP

No. Name
Portrait Term of office Political party
Chairman of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People
1 Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 3 October 1943 19 February 1944 KPS
President of Presidium of the Slovenian People's Liberation Council
Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 19 February 1944 1945 KPS
President of the Presidium of the People's Assembly
Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 1945 30 January 1953 KPS
renamed in 1952 to ZKS
Presidents of the People's Assembly
2 Ferdo Kozak
Ferdo Kozak.jpg 30 January 1953 15 December 1953 OF
2 Miha Marinko
Miha Marinko.jpg 15 December 1953 9 June 1962 ZKS
3 Vida Tomšič
Vida Tomšič.jpg 9 June 1962 25 June 1963 ZKS
5 Ivan Maček
Ivan Maček Matija.jpg 25 June 1963 9 May 1967 ZKS
6 Sergej Kraigher
Sergej Kraigher 1969.jpg 9 May 1967 1973 ZKS
7 Tone Kropušek
Tone Kropušek.jpg 1973 1974 ZKS
8 Marijan Brecelj
Brecelj Marijan.jpg 1974 9 May 1974 ZKS
Presidents of the Presidency
9 Sergej Kraigher
Sergej Kraigher 1969.jpg 9 May 1974 23 May 1979 ZKS
10 Viktor Avbelj
Avbelj Viktor.jpg 23 May 1979 7 May 1984 ZKS
11 France Popit
France Popit 1969.jpg 7 May 1984 6 May 1988 ZKS
12 Janez Stanovnik
StanovnikJanez.jpg 6 May 1988 10 May 1990 ZKS
(12) SDP
13 Milan Kučan
(born 1941)
Milan Kučan 2011-07-05.jpg 10 May 1990 23 December 1991 SDP

Republic of Slovenia

Parties;  ZLSD / SD  LDS  Independent

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party Elected
Took office Left office Time in office
Milan Kučan
Milan Kučan
(born 1941)
23 December 199122 December 200210 years, 364 daysSD
Janez Drnovšek
Janez Drnovšek
22 December 200223 December 20075 years, 1 dayLDS
Danilo Türk
Danilo Türk
(born 1952)
23 December 200722 December 20124 years, 365 daysIndependent
Borut Pahor
Borut Pahor
(born 1963)
22 December 2012Incumbent8 years, 97 daysSD

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