President of the Moldovan Parliament

President of Parliament of Moldova
Flag of the President of the Parliament of Moldova.svg
Zinaida Greceanii

since 8 June 2019
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerParliament of Moldova
Term lengthFour years
Salary6,433 USD annually[1]

The President of the Parliament (Romanian: Președintele Parlamentului) is the speaker of the Parliament of Moldova. Since 8 June 2019, Zinaida Greceanii is the President of Parliament of Moldova.


Moldavian Democratic Republic

See Also: Sfatul Țării

Name From Until
Ion C. Inculeţ (1884-1940), President of Moldavian Democratic Republic.jpg Ion Inculeț 04.12.1917 09.04.1918
CStere.jpeg Constantin Stere 09.04.1918 25.11.1918
Pan Halippa (1883-1979).jpg Pan Halippa 25.11.1918 27.11.1918

Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Chairmen of the Central Executive Committee of the Moldavian ASSR:

Name From Until
Grigore Borisov 12.10.1924 01.05.1926
Tihon Konstantinov 01.07.1938 28.06.1940

Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic[2]

Chairmen of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR:

Name From Until
Nikita Salogor 08.02.1941 13.05.1947
Macarie Radul 13.05.1947 26.03.1951
Semion Cojuhari 26.03.1951 17.04.1959
Iosif Vartician 17.04.1959 04.03.1963
Andrei Lupan 04.03.1963 ??.04.1967
Sergiu Rădăuțanu 11.04.1967 14.07.1971
Artiom Lazarev 14.07.1971 10.04.1980
Pavel Boțu 10.04.1980 29.03.1985
Mihail Lupașcu 29.03.1985 12.07.1986
Stamp of Moldova md091cvs.jpg Ion C. Ciobanu 12.07.1986 17.04.1990
Mircea Snegur, March 2012-2.jpg Mircea Snegur 27.04.1990 03.09.1990

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

On 5 June 1990, the Moldavian SSR (RSS Moldovenească) changed its name to Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova (RSS Moldova). Subsequently, on 23 May 1991 it adopted the name Republic of Moldova (Republica Moldova).

Presidents of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova:

Image Name From Until
Alexandru Moșanu 03.09.1990 02.02.1993
Petru Lucinschi 2000.jpg Petru Lucinschi 04.02.1993 09.01.1997
Dumitru Moțpan 04.03.1997 23.04.1998
Dumitru Diacov 23.04.1998 20.03.2001
Eugenia Ostapciuc 20.03.2001 24.03.2005
Marian Lupu Senate of Poland.JPG Marian Lupu 24.03.2005 01.04.2009
Ivan Călin (acting) 05.05.2009 12.05.2009
Vladimir Voronin 2006.jpg Vladimir Voronin 12.05.2009 28.08.2009
Mihai Ghimpu Imagine.jpg Mihai Ghimpu 28.08.2009 29.12.2010
Marian Lupu Senate of Poland.JPG Marian Lupu 30.12.2010 25.4 2013
Liliana Palihovici (acting) 25.04 2013 30.5 2013
Igor Corman Senate of Poland.JPG Igor Corman 30.05 2013 23.01.2015
Andrian Candu.jpg Andrian Candu 23.01.2015 24.02.2019
Zinaida Greceanîi, 2014 (cropped).jpg Zinaida Greceanii 8.06.2019 Incumbent


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