Prime Minister of Dominica

Prime Minister of the
Commonwealth of Dominica
Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Dominica.svg
Roosevelt Skerrit

since 8 August 2004
ResidenceFinancial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau[1]
Inaugural holderPatrick John
Formation3 November 1978
Salary21,666 USD annually[2]

The prime minister of Dominica is the head of government in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Nominally, the position was created on November 3, 1978 when Dominica gained independence from the United Kingdom. Hitherto, the position existed de facto as Premier.

According to Chapter 59 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica;

1. There shall be a Prime Minister of Dominica, who shall be appointed by the President.

2. Whenever the President has occasion to appoint a Prime Minister he shall appoint an elected member of the House who appears to him likely to command the support of the majority of the elected members of the House.

The President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister, appoints the Cabinet of Minister. The Prime Minister supervises Cabinet meetings and in the spirit of the Westminster system is nominally 'Primus Inter Pares' or first among equals. However Prime Ministers of Dominica, like most Prime Ministers in Small-Island States, have generally governed in a presidential manner.

Roosevelt Skerrit is the incumbent prime minister. He took the oath on 8 August 2004

List of prime ministers of Dominica


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