Prime Minister of Greenland

Premier of Greenland
Naalakkersuisut Siulittaasuat
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Múte Bourup Egede

since 23 April 2021
Government of Greenland
His Excellency (diplomatic, outside Greenland and Denmark[1])
Member ofCabinet
SeatInatsisartut, Nuuk
Based on Appointee's ability to gain majority support in the Inatsisartut
Term lengthNo fixed term,
up to four years
PrecursorGovernor of Greenland
Formation1 May 1979
First holderJonathan Motzfeldt
WebsiteThe Premier's Office

The prime minister of Greenland (Greenlandic: Naalakkersuisut siulittaasuat, lit.'Leader of the government'; Danish: Landsstyreformand), officially referred to as the premier,[2] is the head of the Government of Greenland, the autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.

The incumbent prime minister is Múte Bourup Egede of the Inuit Ataqatigiit party. The prime minister is usually leader of the majority party in the Parliament of Greenland. Jonathan Motzfeldt became prime minister after home rule was granted to Greenland in 1979.

List of Prime Ministers of Greenland

Political parties

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party Elected Cabinet(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Jonathan Motzfeldt 2003.jpg Jonathan Motzfeldt
1 May 1979 18 March 1991 11 years, 321 days Siumut 1979
Motzfeldt I–II–III–IV
2 Lars-Emil Johansen
(born 1946)
18 March 1991 19 September 1997 6 years, 185 days Siumut 1991
(1) Jonathan Motzfeldt 2003.jpg Jonathan Motzfeldt
19 September 1997 14 December 2002 5 years, 86 days Siumut 1999 Motzfeldt V–VI
3 Landsstyreformand Hans Enoksen til Folkeafstemning i Multihallen i Nuuk med Pipaluk Petersen pa 5 ar.jpg Hans Enoksen
(born 1956)
14 December 2002 12 June 2009 6 years, 180 days Siumut 2002
Enoksen I–II
4 Kuupik Kleist.jpg Kuupik Kleist
(born 1958)
12 June 2009 5 April 2013 3 years, 297 days Inuit Ataqatigiit 2009 Kleist I–II
5 Aleqa Hammond.jpg Aleqa Hammond
(born 1965)
5 April 2013 30 September 2014 1 year, 178 days Siumut 2013 Hammond
6 Kim Kielsen. Nordiska raoedets session i Helsingfors 2012.jpg Kim Kielsen
(born 1966)
30 September 2014 23 April 2021 6 years, 205 days Siumut 2014
7 Múte Bourup Egede
(born 1987)
23 April 2021 Incumbent 14 days Inuit Ataqatigiit 2021 Egede


Múte Bourup EgedeKim KielsenAleqa HammondKuupik KleistHans EnoksenJonathan MotzfeldtLars Emil JohansenJonathan Motzfeldt

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