Prime Minister of Kosovo

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo
Kryeministri i Republikës së Kosovës (in Albanian)
Премијер Pепубликe Косова (in Serbian)
Coat of arms of Kosovo.svg
PM Albin Kurti during the first meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo 3 (cropped).jpg
Albin Kurti

since 22 March 2021
StyleHis Exellency
NominatorPresident of Kosovo
AppointerAssembly of Kosovo
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderBajram Rexhepi
Formation4 March 2002
Salary€1,500 monthly[1]
Websitekryeministri-ks.net (in Albanian)
kryeministri-ks.net (in English)

The prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: Kryeministri i Republikës së Kosovës, Serbian: Премијер Републике Косова, romanizedPremijer Republike Kosova) is the head of government of Kosovo.[a]

The prime minister and the Government of Kosovo, which he or she heads, are responsible for their actions to the Assembly of Kosovo, of which they must all be members. The current prime minister of Kosovo is Albin Kurti, who assumed office on 22 March 2021.


Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo



No. Name
Portrait Term of office Political party
Chairman of the Executive Council of the People's Committee
1 Fadil Hoxha
Fadil Hoxha, commander of Kosovo partisans.jpg 1945 February 1953 Communist Party
renamed in 1952 to
League of Communists
Chairmen of the Executive Council
1 Fadil Hoxha
Fadil Hoxha, commander of Kosovo partisans.jpg February 1953 June 1963 League of Communists
2 Ali Shukriu
No image.png June 1963 May 1967 League of Communists
3 Ilija Vakić
Ilija Vakić.jpg May 1967 May 1974 League of Communists
4 Bogoljub Nedeljković
Bogoljub Nedeljković.jpg May 1974 May 1978 League of Communists
5 Bahri Oruçi
Bahri Oruči.jpg May 1978 May 1980 League of Communists
6 Riza Sapunxhiu
No image.png May 1980 May 1982 League of Communists
7 Imer Pula
Imer Pulja.jpg May 1982 5 May 1984 League of Communists
8 Ljubomir Neđo Borković
No image.png 5 May 1984 May 1986 League of Communists
9 Namzi Mustafa
No image.png May 1986 1987 League of Communists
10 Kaqusha Jashari
No image.png 10 March 1987 9 May 1989 League of Communists
11 Nikolla Shkreli
No image.png 9 May 1989 1989 League of Communists
12 Daut Jashanica
No image.png 1989 4 December 1989 League of Communists
13 Jusuf Zejnullahu
No image.png 4 December 1989 5 July 1990 League of Communists

Republic of Kosova (recognised only by Albania)



No. Name
Portrait Elected Term of office Political party
Prime Ministers
1 Jusuf Zejnullahu
No image.png 7 September 1990 5 October 1991 Democratic League
2 Bujar Bukoshi
Bujar Bukoshi (nënshkrim).svg
No image.png 5 October 1991 1 February 2000 Democratic League
Hashim Thaçi
Provisional Prime Minister
In opposition
Hashim Thaçi (nënshkrim).svg
Hashim Thaçi, 2012.jpg 2 April 1999 1 February 2000 Democratic Party

UN-administered Kosovo


 PDK  LDK  AAK  PPK  Independent

No. Name
Portrait Elected Term of office Political party
Prime Ministers
1 Bajram Rexhepi
Bajram Rexhepi (nënshkrim).svg
Bajram Rexhepi.jpg 2001 4 March 2002 3 December 2004 Democratic Party
2 Ramush Haradinaj
Ramush Haradinaj (nënshkrim).svg
Ramush Haradinaj (-125880784).jpg 2004 3 December 2004 8 March 2005 Alliance for the Future
Adem Salihaj
Acting Prime Minister
No image.png 8 March 2005 25 March 2005 Democratic League
3 Bajram Kosumi
Bajram Kosumi (nënshkrim).svg
No image.png 25 March 2005 10 March 2006 Parliamentary Party
4 Agim Çeku
Agim Çeku (nënshkrim).svg
Agim Ceku 2006.jpg 10 March 2006 9 January 2008 Independent
supported by
Alliance for the Future
5 Hashim Thaçi
Hashim Thaçi (nënshkrim).svg
Hashim Thaçi, 2012.jpg 2007 9 January 2008 17 February 2008 Democratic Party

Republic of Kosovo (as recognised by 113 UN member states)



No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political party Election
Took office Left office Time in office
Prime Ministers
Hashim Thaçi
Hashim Thaçi
(born 1968)
Hashim Thaçi (nënshkrim).svg
17 February 20089 December 20146 years, 295 daysPDK2007
Isa Mustafa
Isa Mustafa
(born 1951)
Isa Mustafa (nënshkrim).svg
9 December 20149 September 20172 years, 274 daysLDK2014
Ramush Haradinaj
Ramush Haradinaj
(born 1968)
Ramush Haradinaj (nënshkrim).svg
9 September 20173 February 20202 years, 147 daysAAK2017
Albin Kurti
Albin Kurti
(born 1975)
Albin Kurti (nënshkrim).svg
1st time
3 February 20203 June 2020121 daysVetëvendosje2019
Avdullah Hoti
Avdullah Hoti
(born 1976)
Avdullah Hoti (nënshkrim).svg
3 June 202022 March 2021292 daysLDK
Albin Kurti
Albin Kurti
(born 1975)
Albin Kurti (nënshkrim).svg
2nd time
22 March 2021Incumbent50 daysVetëvendosje2021

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  1. ^ Osmani, Taulant (12 February 2020). "Kurti cuts salaries across government". prishtinainsight.com. Retrieved 28 March 2021.


a. ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008. Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the 2013 Brussels Agreement. Kosovo is currently (this note self-updates) recognized as an independent state by 98 out of the 193 United Nations member states. In total, 113 UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 15 later withdrew their recognition.

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