Prime Minister of Tanzania

Prime Minister of the
United Republic of Tanzania
Waziri Mkuu wa Tanzania  (Swahili)
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Kassim Majaliwa

since 20 November 2015
StyleThe Right Honourable
Member ofCabinet
SeatDodoma, Tanzania
AppointerPresident of Tanzania
Constituting instrument1977 Constitution
Inaugural holderRashidi Kawawa
Formation17 February 1972
SalaryTSh 6 m (US$ 3,750) monthly[1]

The prime minister of the United Republic of Tanzania is the leader of government business in the National Assembly. The position is subordinated to the president, the head of government.

The functions and powers of the prime minister are described in the Constitution of Tanzania:

Article 52

  1. The Prime Minister shall have authority over the control, supervision and execution of the day-to-day functions and affairs of the Government of the United Republic.
  2. The Prime Minister shall be the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly.
  3. In the exercise of his authority, the Prime Minister shall perform or cause to be performed any matter or matters which the President directs to be done.

The incumbent prime minister, Kassim Majaliwa was appointed by the president Dr. John Magufuli. He took the office on 20 November 2015.


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