Provisional Military Dictatorship of Mughan

Provisional Military Dictatorship of Mughan

Flag of Mughan
Common languagesRussian
GovernmentMilitary dictatorship
• 1918
T. P. Sukhorukov
Historical eraRussian Civil War
• Established
1 August 1918
• Reorganized as Mughan Territorial Administration
December 1918
• Disestablished
25 April 1919
Succeeded by
Mughan Soviet Republic

The Provisional Military Dictatorship of Mughan was a British-controlled anti-communist short-lived state founded in the Lankaran region on August 1, 1918. The Mughan government did not support independence of Azerbaijan and it was led by white Russian colonel T. P. Sukhorukov who acted under the protection of the British occupation of Baku. Mughan declared to be an autonomous part of "single and indivisible Russia." On December 1918, it was reorganized as Mughan Territorial Administration. On April 25, 1919, a violent protest organized by Talysh workers of pro-Bolshevik orientation exploded in Lankaran and deposed the Mughan Territorial Administration. On May 15, the Extraordinary Congress of the "Councils of Workers' and Peasants' Deputies" of Lankaran district proclaimed the Mughan Soviet Republic.[1]


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