Public holidays in Åland

Public holidays in the Åland Islands include:

Date English name Local name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Nyårsdagen
January 6 Epiphany Trettondagen
March 30 Demilitarization Day Ålands demilitariseringsdag Peace in 1856 after the Crimean War
Moveable Friday Good Friday Långfredag The Friday before Easter Sunday
Moveable Sunday Easter Sunday Påskdagen
Moveable Monday Easter Monday Annandag påsk The day after Easter Sunday
April 30 Walpurgis Night Valborgsmässoafton
May 1 May Day Första maj
Moveable Thursday Ascension Day Kristi himmelsfärdsdagn 39 days after Easter
Moveable Sunday Pentecost Pingstdagen 49 days after Easter
Moveable Monday Whitmonday Annandag Pingst 50 days after Easter
June 9 Autonomy Day Självstyrelsedagen First congregation of the regional government
Third Friday of June Midsummer Eve Midsommarafton
Third Saturday of June Midsummer Day Midsommardagen
First Saturday of November All Saints Day Alla helgons dag
December 6 Finnish Independence Day Självständighetsdagen Independence of Finland (1917)
December 24 Christmas Eve Julafton
December 25 Christmas Day Juldagen
December 26 St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day Annandag jul

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