Public holidays in Latvia

This is a list of holidays in Latvia.

Date English Name Local Name Notes
1 January New Year's Day Jaunais Gads
The Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday Lielā Piektdiena
The day after Easter Sunday Easter Monday Otrās Lieldienas
1 May Labour Day Darba svētki The convocation of the constitutional assembly in 1920 also falls on May 1 and is also celebrated on this day.
4 May Restoration of Independence Day Latvijas Republikas Neatkarības atjaunošanas diena On 4 May 1990. Latvia proclaimed its independence from the USSR, and restoration of the Republic of Latvia. If the day is on the weekend the next Monday is a holiday.
23 June Midsummer's Eve Līgo Diena
24 June Midsummer's Day Jāņi
18 November Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas diena The independence of Latvia was proclaimed on this day in 1918. If the day is on the weekend the next Monday is a holiday.
24 December Christmas Eve Ziemassvētku vakars
25 December Christmas Day Ziemassvētki
26 December Second Day of Christmas Otrie Ziemassvētki
31 December New Year's Eve Vecgada vakars


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