Qatr al-Nada (book)

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Qatr al-Nada
Matn Qatr al-Nada متن قطر الندى وبل الصدى.jpg
Qatr al-Nada
AuthorIbn Hisham al-Ansari (1309 – 1360 CE)
Original titleقطر الندى وبل الصدى
Working titleمتن ابن هشام الأنصاري
SubjectArabic grammar

Qaṭr al-Nadā wa-ball al-Ṣadā (Arabic: قطر الندى وبل الصدى‎, lit. 'Dewdrop and the Quenching of Thirst') is an Arabic grammar book written by Ibn Hisham al-Ansari (1309 – 1360 CE) for learning the Arabic language.[1]


The Qatr al-Nada is a book on Arabic grammar written by Ibn Hisham al-Ansari, one of the main scholars of the Arabic language.[2][3]

The book consists of an original and an explanation of the same author, so the original is a body Qatr al-Nada, and the commentary is an explanation of the same body.[4][5]

It is considered one of the grammatical references in teaching students the Arabic language.[6][7]


The book includes most of the grammar chapters closely similar to the book The Golden Shades in Knowing the Words of the Arabs [ar] (Arabic: شذور الذهب في معرفة كلام العرب‎), in terms of subtraction and arrangement of titles, but it is less detailed than it, in a way that makes it more suitable for the reader and the learner, in the middle stages of education.[8][9]

It begins with the Kalima [ar] and ends with Hamzat al-Wasl [ar], and is considered a summary in which grammatical rules are summarized in a brief form, and the explanation is an explanation of the content of the body phrases, a statement of what is intended, and includes the divisions and details, and mention the evidence.[10][11]

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