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District (Raion)
Flag of Fălești
Coat of arms of Fălești
Coat of arms
Location of Fălești
Country Republic of Moldova
Administrative center

Stema Falesti.gif Făleşti
 • Raion PresidentValeriu Muduc (PCRM), since 2011
 • Total1,073 km2 (414 sq mi)
 • Water39.0 km2 (15.1 sq mi)  3.63%
Elevation389 m (1,276 ft)
 • Total78,258
 • Density73/km2 (190/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s)+373 59
Car platesFL

Fălești is a district (Romanian: raion) in the north of Moldova, with the administrative center at Fălești. As of January 1, 2011, its population was 92,600.

It borders Romania, in Western Moldova.


District towns, with the earliest historical attestation are Fălești, Scumpia, Călugăr, Horești first attested in the period 1429–1437. Especially in the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, this region developed economically (trade) and culturally, as there was a significant increase in population. In the 18th century, as a result of the constant wars waged by the Principality of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire, and later more frequent interventions of the Russian army, the region was in decline. In 1812, following the Treaty of Bucharest, the Russian Empire occupied Basarabia at the expense of the Principality of Moldavia. During this period, czarist government policy was one of Russification of the native population, with many Ukrainians and Russians arriving, whose descendants represent currently 15% of the population of the district. In 1918 after the collapse of Russian Empire, Basarabia decided to unite with Romania. In 1940, following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty, Basarabia again was ceded, this time to the USSR. In the period 1944–1991, the Falesti district center was a part of the MSSR. In 1991 as a result of the proclamation of Independence of Moldova, it was part of the Ungheni County (1991-2003), and in 2003 an administrative unit of Moldova.


Fălești District is located in west-central part of Moldova is nearby with: Glodeni District in north, Bălți municipality in the north-east, Sîngerei District in east, south Ungheni District, and state border with Romania in the west. The landscape is fragmented, in the south of district, split a few branches of the Central Moldavian Plateau. Otherwise the landscape is crossed by many rivers. There's a process with a mild slip. Maximum altitude in the district is isolated hill Magura, reaching 389 meters.


Climatic conditions are characterized by the general movement of atmospheric air masses from west to east. The climate is temperate continental. Four seasons are well defined: summer (21-21.5 °C) and winter (-4.5-5 °C). Yearly precipitation 500–600 mm. Average wind speed 4–6 m/s.


Fauna is represented by hares, foxes, deer, wild boars, wolves rarely wild cats, otters, raccoon dogs, etc. Species of birds seen include storks, wild ducks, woodpeckers, tits, partridges, egrets, gulls, etc.


Forests occupy 10.4% of the district and include oak, beech, hornbeam, maple, acacia, cherry and others. Plant (steppe): clover, fescue, bells, wormwood, knotweed and others.


District is located in the basin of the Prut River, which crosses the district in the west to the border with Romania, but in the eastern, part of the Răut River basin, with its tributaries Ciuluicul Mare and Ciuluicul Mijlociu. Rich in ponds and streams, the district is a source of fish: carp, crucian carp, perch.

Administrative subdivisions

  • Localities: 76


1 January 2012 the district population was 92,400 of which 19.3% urban and 80.7% rural population.

  • Births (2010): 1098 (11.8 per 1000)
  • Deaths (2010): 1301 (14.0 per 1000)
  • Growth rate (2010): -203 (-2.2 per 1000)

Ethnic groups

Ethnic group % of total
Moldovans 84.8
Romanians 2.0
Ukrainians 10.3
Russians 2.5
Gagauz 0.0
Bulgarians 0.0
Romani 0.0
Other 0.2
Undeclared 0.39



Falesti territory activates: 12,412 active traders, including 10,500 - farms, 1101 - Individual enterprises, 813 - businesses with the right person, and 622 - entrepreneurial patent owners. Main branch of economy is agriculture, is growing cereals (barley, wheat, oats), vegetables, tobacco, sunflower and permanent crops: orchards (apple, cherry, hair) and vines.


Working in district 52 middle and high schools, including 24 secondary schools, 14 schools, 10 general schools, 2 special schools, a vocational school and a boarding gymnasium.


District is located in the so-called electoral region "North Red" (the region where the PCRM usually get over 50% of the vote). But after the 2010 elections communists lose to the AEI.

During the last three elections AEI had an increase of 137.7%.

Parliament elections results
2010 47.81% 19,607 47.65% 19,532
July 2009 42.91% 16,828 52.09% 20,434
April 2009 21.16% 8,250 58.55% 22,839


e • d  Summary of 28 November 2010 Parliament of Moldova election results in Falesti District
Parties and coalitions Votes % +/−
Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova 19,532 47.65 −4.44
Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova 10,603 25.87 +12.22
Democratic Party of Moldova 6,436 15,70 -1.44
Liberal Party 1,527 3.73 −3.82
Party Alliance Our Moldova 1,041 2.54 −2.03
Other Party 1,863 4.51 -0.49
Total (turnout 57.65%) 41,326 100.00


Network of cultural institutions in the district include 121 units, including: houses, homes of culture 63, libraries 54, a school of music, two art schools and museums.


The district works: Falesti Hospital, medical points in all villages, and state pharmacy with 53 branches.


Coordinates: 47°35′N 27°45′E / 47.583°N 27.750°E / 47.583; 27.750


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